Refuting the Trinity and/or deity of Messiah

In order to silence those who accuse me of rejecting Yeshua as Messiah, let me clarify my faith in Yeshua.  I believe and promote him to be precisely whom the New Testament presents him to be.   In fact, I have a separate page dedicated to refuting counter missionaries (anti-missionaries), those who actually do reject Yeshua, which I would have no reason to do if I reject Yeshua.
  • Yeshua is the Messiah!
  • Yeshua is alive.  He was gloriously resurrected after 3 days in the tomb by his God and ours and can now be found sitting at the right hand of The Most High.
  • He is the "son of Elohim (God)," but the meaning of "son of God" is misrepresented by those who promote Yeshua as "God the Son" - a phrase not found in Scripture.
  • He is the "son of man" (son of adam), which points to his role as the representative of the kingdom of "Israel" and/or as Messiah (Dan. 7:13,14).
  • He is the "sent one" (shaliach), the unique agent of his God and ours.
  • He is the High Priest mediating between God and man.
  • He is the "lamb of God."  Revelation chapter 5 clearly shows that "lamb" is not God.  The distinction is obvious.
  • His suffering as a completed, unblemished tzaddik (extremely righteous one) pays the penalty for our sins if we are striving to live righteously yet slip up from time to time; thus, it is through his merit that correction (tikkun) and atonement is achieved for those who truly attach themselves to him, which is actually rarely done by Christians.
  • He is the one chosen by The Creator to be the King of Israel to rule from his God-given throne in Jerusalem in the coming Messianic Kingdom of God.
  • He learned and demonstrated uniquely pure obedience to God's eternal instructions (Torah), thus becoming perfect (accomplishing "tikkun", which is being corrected or repaired) through his own efforts as a 100 percent man, a glorious and magnificent accomplishment that those who promote him as God erase from history and the minds of their followers.  It is because of his perfect obedience Yeshua became the "author and perfector of our faith" (Heb. 5:9, 12:2) and merited the unique and supremely exalted status The Creator has given him.
  • Through Yeshua one obtains eternal life.  Even those who may merit eternal life without acknowledging Yeshua will still achieve it because of his accomplishments and YHVH's mercy.
  • He is my God ordained master, teacher, leader, and supreme authority, since he - as the personal agent of The Eternal One - speaks as The Eternal's fully empowered emissary.
  • Yeshua will return at the time appointed to finally fulfill the promises of a worldwide "Kingdom of God" ON EARTH (not in "heaven" as Christianity erroneously teaches, thus confusing and frustrating the actual "gospel of the Kingdom" message)!  It is that Kingdom that actually constitutes the "gospel" with Yeshua's atoning work as part of that "good news", but not all of it!
  • But he most certainly is not the Almighty Eternal Creator.