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Statement of Purpose

My name is Bruce.  I strive to be a follower of Yeshua the Messiah, commonly known by his Christian and unfortunately false name, "Jesus".  I am convinced that Yeshua is the promised Anointed One (Messiah) of The One and Only Eternal Creator.  That alone is a cause for endless discussion; however, my objective in this site is not to debate the issue since there are many other resources devoted to that purpose.  My primary objective is to present the Torah (teachings, instructions) of and about the Messiah I follow, adore, and revere as the chosen unique agent of The Eternal Infinite Creator to rule in His Kingdom in the world to come from his literal Davidic throne in Jerusalem.  My other major purpose is to advance the intent of the shema (Deut. 6:4), which declares the unity (oneness, singular essence) of God and that those worshiping Him should revere His Torah (instructions, teachings).  This web site does not hesitate to oppose counter missionaries who mercilessly attack the reliability of the New Testament with the hopes of ridding the world of it and the Messiah presented therein.

I do not consider the material on this web site to be "teachings". I prefer to categorize it as simply my own personal opinions, and I reject the label of "teacher". In truth, the information here constitutes the belief of others also for whom I have evolved into somewhat of a reluctant spokesman, though many of them are probably better spokesmen than me. I do not claim to be a "leader" nor do I seek a following. My intent is to simply serve the Eternal God and His Chosen One to the best of my ability and to assist others as they strive after truth. Those wanting a leader should look elsewhere, specifically to Yeshua the Messiah whom The Most High chose.  I believe it to be unwise to replace God's choice with one of our own.

In 2001 I decided to begin a public opposition to what I had grown after years of personal study to passionately believe regarding the many serious false teachings within Christianity. To be more specific, I decided to oppose with all the energy I could muster their promotion of lawlessness (anti-Torah), a false God, and a false Messiah (the antichrist or "replacement Messiah").  Since then I have seen my suspicions of widespread dissatisfaction and concern among others within Christianity confirmed as growing numbers of Christians and counterfeit Messianics choose to become EX-Christians and EX-counterfeits then grow to develop into monotheistic Messianic Torah observant followers of Messiah Yeshua and worshipers of the ONE and ONLY true Creator God.  They, along with other truth seekers, find the material on this and other sites to be useful in discovering the answers and explanations they seek, and I am happy to be of service to them and The Eternal One.

Christian and counterfeit Messianic leaders hope to keep this growing end-time awakening concealed; however, they are finding that to be an increasingly difficult task as more and more are "coming out of Babylon" as they become aware of the horribly unscriptural foundations of standard Christian doctrines - foundations which grossly misrepresent the teachings of the New Testament and the Messiah introduced within its pages. Of course, those Christian foundations virtually wipe away the teachings of the Tanakh (Ta-NOCK), which Christianity irreverently labels as the "Old" Testament. This is despite the fact that the New Testament repeatedly declares the Tanakh to be the core basis of all truth.

Also, the obvious and growing infestation within modern day Christianity of hypocrisy, worldliness, secularism, and many other vanities and sinful excesses is causing increasing numbers of Christians to grow disturbed and disillusioned by what has become of the faith they once adored. As they seek answers they often find out that Christianity, as practiced for centuries, has always been in error. The only difference is that now those errors are "coming home to roost", i.e. finally manifesting themselves in ways that are blatantly obvious. In many cases the only difference between a pick-up joint meat-market bar and churches is loud music, dancing, and alcohol, and in some cases even those are present in "church" - particularly the loud music. Christianity has largely become all about entertainment and attracting folks into their religious corporation. Sincere Christians recognize this and are seeking alternative ways and locations to worship as they witness Christianity becoming a profane joke of a religion.

I do not intend my discussions to imply condemnation of any individuals who may participate in the worship practices I believe to be unscriptural.  I know of many sincere and loving people who belong to Catholic, Baptist, church of Christ, Christianized Messianic, Judaic, Evangelical, and many other allegedly "Biblical" faiths.  Of course, I define "loving" as loving God and His Word above all else, and those with this form of love generally are sincere in their efforts to live in a manner pleasing to God.

One must understand that just because an organization may appear "loving", "sincere", or "devoted" does not mean its teachings are from God.  My own family makes the mistake of being misled by such thinking as do most others. I firmly and consistently promote the necessity of always searching for truth individually while not allowing anyone else to tell you what it is despite how sincere you may judge them to be.  Unfortunately, since it requires commitment to study, very few do this.  Instead, they choose a particular flavor of religion based upon their own personal desires instead of its adherence to Scripture and rarely search to discover if their religious choice is the true faith. There most certainly are limits to God's grace which is extended to those participating in false or idolatrous worship; however, it is not my place or intent to determine those limits.  My purpose is to define truth to the best of my ability and leave it to God to judge those who may choose to reject what Scriptures clearly teach.

What society defines as "loving" is often Scriptural wickedness.  Some of the most sincere and godly people I have ever known belong to religious organizations that I am convinced promote enormous error; however, individuals will likely not fall under the wrath that their leaders will.  I feel very strongly that all mankind will ultimately be judged separate from any particular group to which they belong.  There is no theological "entrance exam" to get into the coming Kingdom, though there are some basics one must understand.  I do feel there may be limits to the groups one can embrace; however, truly loving, searching, and sincere people generally do not belong to such groups, and many attend churches with which they have serious concerns but feel they have no other options regarding a place of worship.

I want it to be clear that my opposition is against a religious system that I am absolutely convinced promotes false doctrines - doctrines that are often in direct conflict with the true biblical faith.  If sincere individuals are ignorant of the errors yet truly love God and their fellow man, I do not consider them "condemned", and my opposition is not aimed at them. However, since true love of God is manifested by a continuous, never ending effort to seek truth, it is my hope they will consider my opinions.

The spirit of deception is far stronger than anyone can imagine.  It can appear to be the ultimate politician, the ultimate pastor, and the ultimate loving, caring person.  If you fail to recognize the fact that Deception is far more cunning, intelligent, and capable of trickery that you can imagine, you will ultimately find yourself his victim on the day when the True God has you stand before the heavenly court to judge you.

There is one way - and only one - to determine if your faith is true to Scripture.  That way is to study the Scripture - not just the New Testament as most Christian leaders will advise.  First read the Tanakh (Old Testament).  If you do not first understand the foundational Hebraic principles of the Tanakh (Tah-NOCK, or Old Testament), you will not possibly understand the New Testament Scripture.

I realize many will harshly judge me as being "condemning", "intolerant", or "unloving".  I feel deep anguish at having to proclaim what I know will be bitterly opposed by the vast majority of Christians and in the process of doing so have lost friends and become quite distant and estranged from my family.  Showing how the majority of Christians and Christianized Messianics are tragic victims of the grandest deception of all time and being dangerously misled is not a pleasant task.  Accusations of being "judgmental", "unloving", and "heretic" are inevitable.  Though Scripture very clearly states virtually the entire world will follow the Satan empowered Beast in the end times, all Christians seem to feel the "other guys" are the ones being deceived. Those who feel they can never fall victim to spiritual deception prove through their over confidence that they already have! Let me repeat that.

Those who feel they can never fall victim to spiritual deception prove through their over confidence that they already have!

If you read Scripture you will find that without exception all spokesmen for the One Holy Creator were burdened with painful reaction to their message.  There are few examples in Scripture of a prophet being warmly received by the majority of the population.  Perhaps if more Christians read from the Prophetic writings there would not be such widespread abandonment of truth within Christianity.  Isaiah, Jeremiah, Zechariah, Hosea, Ezekiel, etc. were often despised.  Many of them were killed for their testimony, and in some cases entire communities of prophets were killed. Two examples of this are the actions of Saul after David was provided food by a particular man of God and Jeremiah being cast into a pit by a particularly wicked King. They were generally hated by those whom they sought to bring back to the Eternal God.  Indeed, rejection, persecution, and hate are normal reactions to those who share the actual Truth of God.  Their message is my message, "Repent, and return to the One True God!"  To silence those who may wish to promote the lie that I consider myself to be a prophet, let me state categorically that I do not!  I am just a guy searching for truth who happens to passionately share what I find, and I do not consider myself infallible.

Ultimately, my service is to the Almighty; therefore, I am forced to endure the rejection, slander, and rage from those that do not like what I feel must be proclaimed.  I am pained at the realization that many find my message repulsive, harsh, or divisive.  I pray you will realize I am only doing what The Most High through His teachings clearly instructs His children to do , and that you will recognize there is a vast difference between hating error and hating individuals.  I very much hate false, lawless teachings; however, it is because I love my fellowman, my Messiah, and The Creator that I so zealously combat the plague of Christian false teachings and the system from which they originate.  Sadly, the all to common reaction to my message is instant condemnation, ridicule, and rejection instead of study of what I can (and have) overwhelmingly prove is truth.  I have an Almighty Creator whom I wish to serve; therefore, I will, knowing that service will cause me to be hated and ridiculed by the vast majority of people.

The following two primary issues will be addressed in detail and constitute the bulk of my message:

  1. I will present evidence, which if sincerely weighted against all evidence, will prove Yeshua is not - nor was he ever prophesied to be - YHVH, the Creator God.  I feel this would be an obvious Scriptural observation if not for the tremendously powerful and mind-numbing effect of tradition and the willingness of so many to accept "mystery" arguments which are impossible to prove and that I consider dangerously false.

    I feel the false teaching that Yeshua (Jesus) is God may be "the mother of all errors" from which many other false teachings within Traditional Christianity ultimately originate.  Furthermore, I am absolutely convinced my opinions are overwhelmingly supported from the Holy Scriptures even though I once zealously held to the Traditional Christian positions. Of course, it should be obvious that I consider the Trinity to be absolutely false and idolatrous.

    I sincerely pray all Truth seekers will go to only the Scriptures and not allow unsubstantiated Trinity "mysteries" or counterfeit Messianic distortions of Kabbalistic principles to cloud their mental faculties.  Frankly, I am convinced that if you will simply allow your God given common sense reasoning ability guide you in your studies you will see how clear the truth is!  It is this approach - COMMON SENSE - that I repeatedly stress within the writings of this site, often to the point of appearing sarcastic.  However, the sarcasm is simply a natural result of my effort to show facts that truly are so obvious that to reject them defies "common sense."  My common sense approach is the direct opposite of the "embrace of mystery" which constitutes a large portion of Christian and counterfeit Messianic arguments.  I will leave to you to use your own God-given common sense to decide which is a more reasonable approach.

  2. I will show that Yeshua was a staunch advocate of Torah (Law) observance, kept it "without spot or blemish", and expects his followers to do likewise to the best of their abilities, but not in order to be justified since it is only The Eternal's grace through Yeshua that justifies us.  Our efforts to obey God's teachings ("Torah" means teachings or instructions) proves whether or not we truly love, respect, and fear Him. It shows whether or not we accept the covenant offered as did the Israelites at Sinai when they exclaimed in Exodus 24:3:
    ...and all the people answered with one voice, and said, "All the words which the LORD (YHVH) hath said will we do."

    I feel the misunderstanding regarding the necessity to make every effort to keep Torah follows closely - or may even exceed - the error of the Creator Messiah as a foundational area of false teachings within Traditional Christianity since it has bred innumerable other errors.

    Jeremiah 31:31-33 mentions a new covenant.  It says nothing of a new Torah!  Furthermore, this Torah (the Hebrew in vs. 33 is Torah) is to be written on our hearts.  Conversely, Christian leaders teach that this Torah, which YHVH said through Jeremiah will be written on our hearts, has been abolished! I often wonder if this false teaching may be even more destructive than the belief that the Messiah is The Creator since failure to recognize it contributes to the false God invented by Christianity.  Yet the belief that Yeshua is The Creator also contributes to the rejection of Torah by the Church since they grossly distort and even ignore Yeshua's teachings on the subject.  There are strong reasons for choosing either one as the most potentially damning foundational false doctrine within Christianity and the basis for a religion I have grown to believe is largely a false religion invented by man and which may be the primary means through which Satan will deceive the world into ultimately completely abandoning worship of the true God. The extent to which false teachings have multiplied as a result of these two basic deceptions is incalculable.

Additionally, effort will be spent discussing other important topics to varying depths:

I believe the Holy Scripture is the ultimate treasure trove of eternal truths.  Though I recognize inspiration in other writings - such as the Talmud, other Judaic writings, and the New Testament - I firmly consider the ONLY pure and infallible source of truth to be those writings that were considered so by Yeshua and all his followers - the Tanakh (Older Testament).  I do, very firmly consider the New Testament to be extremely reliable and inspired, but it is most definitely not "perfect" as many deceivers claim.  Please refer to the article "What is True Scripture" for my reasons.  I respect all sincere men and women yet follow none except the One God who created and sustains us in this present evil world and the One He Anointed as our beloved King, Torah teacher, and Master.  I lay no claim to wisdom other than that presented in the Eternal and Perfect Word of YHVH, nor do I claim perfect understanding of God's teachings and feel anyone who does is a fool of fools.  I consider myself to be a lowly sinner totally dependent upon the gracious love of our merciful Infinite Father and the substitutionary death of the One He anointed and sanctioned to accomplish the noblest and most difficult of all tasks - tasks which he partially performed and will complete when he returns in the glory of His Father to punish the lawless (willful violators of Torah) and all enemies of His brethren.

Ultimately, however, my goal is to glorify the One and Only Eternal God and Messiah Yeshua.

It is to them I dedicate this site and extend my praise.  May this meager effort on my part bring glory and honor to the Master and Creator of all things and the One he anointed as King over His creation.  May we with joy unimaginable hear Him say, "Well done my good and faithful servant".  May our many human imperfections and transgressions be forgiven.

In Yeshua's name I dedicate this Torah of Messiah to The Living God we love but who first loved us and His faithful witness and Yeshua the Messiah who is worthy of all honor, praise, and glory. Amen.